Loki LORE Light Soft Shell Jacket

Loki LORE Light Soft Shell

Find it at: http://www.lokiusa.com/

Suggested Retail: $159.00

Loki is an outwear company conceived and developed out of Grand Junction Colorado. They have a simple goal of wanting to change outdoor gear altogether, and if anyone can it’s them. As the name suggests, this jacket is Loki’s light soft shell weighing 20oz and geared for fall and spring use. Their fabric is best described in their website stating, “Midgard Light Soft Shell fabric offers 4-way stretch for maximum comfort while in motion. A Durable Water Repellent Treatment (DWR) helps to improve water-proofness while allowing maximum breathability.” Besides their state of the art fabric, Loki adds some impressive and intuitive features to this incredible jacket. Loki allowed There & Back to demo this jacket specifically for a trip to Lost Lake, outside of Estes Park, and the only disappointment came from giving it back. It blocked the wind and snow like they weren’t even there. I can’t count how many times I slide my hands in and out of the mitt to take pictures, scratch my eyes or zip up the tent. At first I was skeptical of the thin fabric, thinking I was going to need additional layers to stay warm. Boy was I wrong. Simply put, this jacket blew me away.

Loki LORE Soft Shell Jacket

Key Features:

  1. The hood. Lined with Loki’s patented Face Shield that easily pulls down to cover your face and/or neck.
  2. The N_Pac. Open the zipper on the back of your jacket and turn the pocket inside out to form a backpack. The N_Pac can double as a pillow!
  3. The Loki Mitt. A brilliant invention that tucks the mitten inside the sleeve of the jacket for easy storage and fast access.


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