Be Amazed By The Fiber Flare Bike Light

Fiber Flare attached to bike

I introduce to you the Fiber Flare Bike Light, the new lighting option hailing from the crafty folk over at A.L.L. Innovations. Consisting of a LED bendable tube, the Fiber Flare gives cyclists something they rarely see (literally) side visibility. Typically, most safety lights only produce a visible light projecting straight back from the rider. What Fiber Flare aims to change is the way drivers see our vulnerable rear ends. By illuminating a fiber optic tube the light is seen all around. This advantage mean drivers will be able to spot you from the side (adjacent traffic at an intersection) and when next to you (car passing you). All of this is achieved without sacrificing light intensity. This light will be noticed in the dark streets.

Applying Applications Appropriately

Another feature of the Fiber Flare that gives it so much appeal is it’s mounting applications. Being about as versatile as Batman’s utility belt this light will challenge you to figure out new places to put it. Two clips attached to the end tubes provide a basic mount. It can be clipped onto the back of a backpack, on the waist with belt loops or along the pocket of a jersey vertically. In addition to the end clip the Fiber Flare comes with removable rubber slings. These can be used to lash the light to pretty much any place on a bike frame. Seat posts, forks, down tubes whatever… Use it where you need it the most.

Personal Thoughts
(and only the clean ones)

As a lifelong commuter I am always looking for new, innovative toys that will keep me from being bounced on hoods. The Fiber Flare has effectively impressed me. I rode with this for about three weeks and gave it the full gambit of tests. It passed with flying colors. I really enjoyed the mounting possibilities of this light. Typically I used it in conjunction with one of my standard rear taillights, having the fiber flare lashed to my left chain stay. I liked this combo because passing cars were aware of how close they were to me and also caught two lights when coming up on me. The light performed great in multiple snowstorms and sub zero temps. Not to mention it looks cool, come on lightsaber anyone? The price is a little much for a light but if you take in consideration the versatility it’s totally worth it. All in all, a fantastic product.

Quick Stats

•$35-$45 for a single tail light

(two packs are available for $70)

•Estimated 70hr burn time

(2 AAA batteries)

•Steady and Strobe program

•11.5 inched long

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5

Pro: Versatile, durable, innovative and safe

Con: Pricey,
not readably available

Who & Where:

A.L.L. Innovations

PO Box 5325 Mordialloc Victoria 3195, Australia

Read more about Cool stuff at


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