Revo Re-Use Sunglasses are Made From 100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Nylon Plastic

{Belay Style Featured}

{Belay Style Featured}

{Re-Use Styles from Left to Right: Abyss, Belay, Highside, Red Point}

{Revo Re-Use Abyss}

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, “Green”, all these buzz words are becoming more and more commonplace in the consumer conscious, especially in the outdoor industry. More and more companies are realizing their impact on the very environment that perpetuates their businesses, and Revo is no fool to that logic. Starting out in 1985 Revo has made a name for itself in producing some of the most advanced polarization lenses. They continue to create new ways for people to view the world. With the launch last year of their Re-Use line of eye-wear, Revo is seeing “Green”. The Re-Use line consists of five different styles, with frames entirely composted of pre-consumer polymer resins. So in other words, they are made up of left over plastics that would have been thrown away, wasted, and probably dumped in a landfill.

Put Them On Your Face For Best Results

With the outdoor adventurer in mind the Re-Use line has much to offer. Either it be cycling or cross-country skiing I found them to perform exceptionally well. The Re-Use sunglasses are shaped to wrap around your face and stay snuggly there, but they do so in far more comfortable fashion. Revo calls this their ,“ Motion Fit System”. Another one of the remarkable characteristics of these sunglasses is their weight, or lack of it. In addition, the lenses work exceptionally well with their polarization properties. Combining the weight and lens clarity one really gets the sensation of wearing nothing at all. The Re-Use lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection so you know your getting the full shielding your eyes need when outdoors for long periods at a time.

How I Learned To Love

To be honest, I hated sunglasses. I have always had a bone to pick with the idea strapping junk to my face. It never helped that I have a crooked nose and all my shades would sit lop sided, or that fact they would always fall or slip off. So I never really gave good eye-wear a chance. Sure I understood the importance of protecting your peepers from the harmful rays of sunlight but I got to look good. That’s why I’m so stoked on Revo’s Re-Use line, especially my favorite, the Highside style. They feel weightless on my face, offer complete coverage and don’t make me feel like a space cowboy when I wear them around town. Not to mention the eco-friendly aspect is something I want to support. All in all I’m very impressed with the overall quality Re-Use has to offer.

Quick Stats

•Price $159-$209, depending on the style

•Five different styles in the Re-Use line

•Top grade TR-90 polymer resin (pre-consumer)  frames

•1.88mm Glass lenses (Thrive & Belay styles)

•Serilium Coated lenses (Highside, Abyss & Red Point styles)

•All lenses are Hydrophobic and Anti-Reflective

Final Score: 4 out 5

Pro: Excellent performance for outdoor activities, eco-friendly

Con: A bit pricey

Who & Where:

Go to
for a complete list
of retailers in Colorado.

Read about more cool stuff at:


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